Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology

Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology

Friday, 09 / 21 / 2018

Editors-in-Chief and Associate Editors

Prof. Hong Ren

General Editor-in-Chief

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, China



Prof. George Y. Wu

Comprehensive Editor-in-Chief

University of Connecticut Health Center, USA


Dr. Harry Hua-Xiang Xia


The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China


Our team of associate editors is composed of 31 members from 10 countries and areas. Associate Editor’s of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology (JCTH) carry out editorial functions to ensure the integrity of our peer review process, by identifying  and recruiting reviewers with expertise in topically-relevant areas, assigning manuscripts for review, assessing the collected  reviews and providing a reasoned recommendation for publication (accept or reject) to the Editor in-Chief. The Associate Editors  can also act as peer reviewers, according to their expertise. In addition, each Associate Editor contributes at least one paper  per year to the JCTH, which are subject to the same peer review process as all other manuscripts published by our journal.

Dr. Masahiro Arai
Toshiba General Hospital
Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Roopjeet Bath
Department of Medicine, University of Connecticut
Farmington, USA
Dr. Timothy Billiar
Department of Surgery
Presbyterian University Hospital
Pittsburgh, USA
Dr. John Birk
Department of Medicine
University of Connecticut
Farmington, USA
Dr. Wendy Cao
New York University School of Medicine
New York, USA
Prof. Li-Min Chen
Toronto General Research Institute
University Health Network
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada/
Institute of Blood Transfusion
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Peking Union Medical College
Chengdu, China
Prof. Aziz A. Chentoufi

Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Medicine, Department of Immunology
King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Xiao-Guang Dou
Department of Infectious Disease
Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University
Shengyang, China
Prof. Marko Duvnjak
Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Clinical Hospital Centre “Sestre milosrdnice”
Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Jin-Lin Hou
Division of Infectious Diseases
Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University
Guangzhou, China
Prof. Ke-Qin Hu
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Irvine Medical Center
University of California
Orange, USA
Dr. Hitoshi Ikeda
Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Graduate School of Medicine
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Ji-Dong Jia
Liver Research Center
Benjing Friendship Hospital
Capital Medical University
Beijing, China
Dr. Douglas LaBrecque
University of Iowa
Iowa, USA
Dr. Joseph Lim
Transplantation Center
Yale New Haven Hospital
Yale University
New Haven, USA
Prof. Lun-Gen Lu
Shanghai First People’s Hospital
Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
Shanghai, China
Prof. Yen-Hsuan Ni
Department of Medical Genetics
College of Medicine and Children’s Hospital
National Taiwan University
Taiwan, China
Prof. Junqi Niu
The First Hospital of Jilin University 
Changchun, China
Dr. Kittichai Promrat
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Department of Medicine
Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Providence, USA
Dr. Farzin Roohvand
Pasteur Institute of Iran
Tehran, Iran
Dr. Arielle Rosenberg
UEA 4474 "Hepatitis C Virology"
University Paris Descartes
Paris, France
Dr. Michael Schilsky
Yale University School of Medicine
Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale University
New Haven, USA
Dr. Ashwani Singal
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, USA
Dr. Tawesak Tanwandee
Division of Gastroenterology
Department of medicine
Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand
Prof. Fusheng Wang
302 Miltitary Hospital of China
Beijing, China
Prof. Lai Wei
Peking University People’s Hospital
Peking University Hepatology Institute
Beijing, China
Prof. Catherine H. Wu
University of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington, USA
Dr. Xue-Feng Xia
Center for Diabetes Research
Center for Genomic Medicine
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Houston, USA
Prof. Man-Fung Yuen
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Department of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong
Queen Mary Hospital
Hong Kong, China
Prof. Da-Zhi Zhang
The Second Hospital Affiliated Chongqing Medicaal University
Chongqing, China
Dr. Lan-Jing Zhang
University Medical Center of Princeton, Plainsboro, NJ
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School &
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Plainsboro, USA


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